sustainabilty in Greensboro, NC

According to government statistics, construction or renovation work generates more than 5 million tons of waste per year in North Carolina. Although these do not represent a real danger to the environment of NC, some of this waste can represent potential risks. Therefore, it is appropriate to get rid of it. but how? If you live in Greensboro or the surrounding area, here are some practical tips for managing inert waste.

Sort your inert waste

The first thing to do to manage construction site waste is to sort it by category (to be done throughout the work or after the work). This makes it easier to collect and treat debris. To carry out waste disposal, consider renting a dumpster container. This equipment will be useful for transporting hazardous waste to a landfill. As for sorting itself, here are some rules to follow:

First remove hazardous waste. Avoid burning them. According to the Environmental Code of North Carolina, this type of treatment must be carried out by a professional. Among inert waste, set aside anything that can be reused on the site. All unnecessary debris can be removed by the dumpster.

Recycle inert waste

Once sorted, remember to reuse the usable waste. Recycling is, moreover, recommended to reduce as much as possible the rate of waste disposed of in local landfills. To achieve this, there are a number of alternatives:

Reuse materials

Some construction waste can be reused on the construction site itself. For example, you can reuse the earth and stones as gravel (road sub-layer or quarry backfill). You can also reuse the excavated material on another site.

Recover waste

When reuse is not possible, favor waste recovery. Within the framework of sustainable development, residents of North Carolina are asked to recycle all types of waste. To give construction waste a second life, there is no shortage of alternatives. Certain materials such as plastic, wood, cement, stone, concrete and plasters can, for example, undergo operations so that they can be reused for quarry redevelopment purposes or in road construction.

Very important: not all construction site waste is considered inert waste. This is the case with plaster. This material can dissolve in water, which can lead to the formation of asbestos, and therefore pollution of the ecosystem.

Dispose of your waste to a specialized storage center

When none of the treatments mentioned above is possible, send the waste to a specialized storage center. The latter will be responsible for their transformation or destruction. Thanks to the local dumpster rental services, you can easily transport all the waste to the depot.

However, there are companies that already have the necessary equipment to dispose of waste. Note that the use of specific tools is billed in the evacuation rate. To avoid expenses, it would be best to opt directly for a reputable waste management company. A good number of providers offer this type of rental at an affordable rate. But you must ensure that the treatment center has a license to dispose of the waste.

Why you should hire a dumpster rental to discard construction waste

Hiring a dumpster rental for construction waste disposal offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it ensures efficient waste management, allowing for the proper containment and removal of debris, preventing potential hazards and ensuring site safety.

Secondly, it saves time and effort by providing a convenient solution for waste disposal, eliminating the need for multiple trips to the landfill.

Thirdly, it promotes environmental responsibility in North Carolina by facilitating recycling and proper disposal practices. Moreover, renting a dumpster offers flexibility in accommodating various types and volumes of construction waste, making it suitable for projects of any scale.

Overall, opting for a dumpster rental local service like Advance Clean Dumpster Rental LL can streamline your waste disposal process if you have a lot of construction debris to discard, enhancing productivity and compliance with NC regulations.